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Tips to Find the Perfect Cleveland Park Apartment

Posted on 19 February 2018 by admin (0)

First, welcome to the neighborhood!

If you are hunting for apartments in Cleveland Park DC, you have no lack of options to choose from.

Connecticut Avenue, the neighborhood’s main strip, is filled with apartment buildings for those
wanting to take advantage of this youthful and vibrant DC neighborhood.

But with a generous number of options, it becomes difficult to determine which is going to be the
best fit for you. We are going to talk about how to find the best deal on your Cleveland Park apartment.

Top Things to Consider

Before you start scheduling tours, incorporate some of the following ideas to narrow down your
list of communities.


One of the most significant factors in choosing an apartment, you’ll need to be sure that you
have enough space for you, your family, and possibly your pets. Cleveland Park is home to
many apartment buildings that offer tenants everything from cozy studio apartments to
expansive two bedroom units. No matter what size apartment is right for you, narrow your
search to the buildings that have those units available.


If you are bringing your furry family around, you’ll want to be sure that the community not only
allows pets but is an accommodating place for pet owners. With all the nearby parks and
recreation, it’s an excellent neighborhood for DC’s pet lovers. Choose a building near the
Newark Street Dog Park on Macomb, for example.


Compared to other NW quadrant neighborhoods, Cleveland Park isn’t the most walkable, and
residents are a mix of those who do and don’t own vehicles. You should consider whether you’ll
be driving to get to work or relying on the DC Metro.

The neighborhood itself is accessible on foot, but for those working outside of Cleveland Park,
choosing one of the buildings located near the Metro station will allow for seamless daily


One of the biggest draws to Northwest Quadrant is its stylish character. Here in Cleveland Park,
the beautiful historic architecture makes it one of the most beautiful areas of DC.
While you might think that living in such an old building would have drawbacks, many of them
have refinished modern amenities. This gives residents the historical character without
sacrificing modern luxury. Sedgwick Gardens just off Connecticut Ave is an excellent example
of one of these charming-yet- luxurious options.

Finding Your Perfect Cleveland Park Apartment

Keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to narrow down your list to just a weekend of
touring. When you are visiting these locations, remember you aren’t in a hurry to sign a lease

While Cleveland Park is a very desirable neighborhood that can be extremely competitive for
apartment-hunters, signing a year-long lease for an apartment you aren’t happy with won’t do
you any good.

Don’t rush to make a decision and wait until you’ve found the right place before

We hope you’ll find a perfect home where you can enjoy the many benefits of Cleveland Park
living. Happy hunting!